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Living Well Community Garden

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 The mission of the Living Well Community Garden is to provide a place for members to grow and harvest organic produce while cultivating a community of individuals committed to sustainable land use in an urban setting.  

Living Well Community Garden - Preparing the soil


  •  While vacant lots can be magnets for litter and criminal activity, community gardens are observed and managed by the gardeners, resulting in a cleaner space and more active local community. 

  •  Community gardens allow families and individuals without land of their own the opportunity to produce food, and provide a place for gardeners to share knowledge and skills. 

  •  Community gardens provide access to fresh, traditional produce and nutritionally rich foods in low-income neighborhoods, where nutritious food is much less available than in other areas. 

Thrivent - Engaging youth in gardening techniques

Youth Engagement

 Community gardens can serve as an outdoor classroom where youth can learn valuable skills, like those involving practical math, communication, responsibility and cooperation. They also provide the opportunity to learn about the importance of community, stewardship and environmental responsibility. 

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